Who hates 'racist' black metal?

Who Hates Black Metal?

Expanding on my previous post about 'antifascists' and their crusade against black metal music, this time we'll be looking at who specifically is mounting these attacks on the entire black metal genre, and for what purpose. The main hub of these attacks seems to be the clique of 'antifascists' that used to revolve around the … Continue reading Who Hates Black Metal?

Fascism in Black Metal, an excuse to attack the genre?

‘Antifascism’ in Black Metal, Restating the Obvious

Nothing is more amusing than reading Metalious' antifa666 'review' different heavy metal albums, in which he attempts with varying levels of success to portray the bands involved, and sometimes the entire metal scene, as racist/fascist/nazi/Hitler. What's even more funny than the reviews themselves are the comments, basically telling antifa666 to fuck off back to listening … Continue reading ‘Antifascism’ in Black Metal, Restating the Obvious

NSBM Black Metal.

Black Metal = NSBM

Supposedly, according to self-proclaimed 'heavy metal experts', all black metal is inherent racist. Not just racist but actually Nazi. Neo-Nazi. NSBM. Literally Hitler. When I first heard about the 'all black metal is racist' hysteria, I imagined it was yet another permutation of anti-White propaganda designed to slander anything 'not diverse enough' - read 'too … Continue reading Black Metal = NSBM