Is Gorgoroth Nazi... or just a poser band?

Is Gorgoroth a Nazi Band?

Do you listen to the poser black metal band Gorgoroth? If you do - please go away and die. You are the cuck the we despite, and you must suffer the consequences. I mean it. The universe has no room for you. Please leave a note on your corpse admitting your shame, so we will … Continue reading Is Gorgoroth a Nazi Band?

NSBM Black Metal.

Black Metal = NSBM

Supposedly, according to self-proclaimed 'heavy metal experts', all black metal is inherent racist. Not just racist but actually Nazi. Neo-Nazi. NSBM. Literally Hitler. When I first heard about the 'all black metal is racist' hysteria, I imagined it was yet another permutation of anti-White propaganda designed to slander anything 'not diverse enough' - read 'too … Continue reading Black Metal = NSBM