Is Gorgoroth Nazi... or just a poser band?

Is Gorgoroth a Nazi Band?

Is Gorgoroth Nazi... or just a poser band?

Is Gorgoroth Nazi… or just a poser band?

Do you listen to the poser black metal band Gorgoroth?

If you do – please go away and die. You are the cuck the we despite, and you must suffer the consequences. I mean it. The universe has no room for you. Please leave a note on your corpse admitting your shame, so we will know to desecrate your body before we burn it. Thank you.

If you know of the band, but you refuse to waste your time on such clownish nonsense – I applaud you. Please read on.

Gorgoroth... gay, Nazi or both?

Gorgoroth… gay, Nazi or both?

So the user antifa666 on Metalious is back to his favorite game, calling every black metal band imaginable racist and Nazi. See his review Gorgoroth is Racist.

The blogger Demonecromancy answered in his post on Gorgoroth and the NSBM scene, admitting some charges (Gaahl admiring Hitler, Infernus defending Varg Vikernes’ actions) while refuting others (Gaahl being arrested for planning a terrorist attack in Bergen).

Then another ‘anti-racist’ (i.e. anti-White) blogger took to twitter to claim that Gorgoroth was indeed a racist band and that anyone who listens to Gorgoroth is obviously a neo-Nazi white supremacist.

Laughably wrong.

Everyone knows that anyone who listens to Gorgoroth is a potential queer. But a literal neo-Nazi? Come on.

Just like with Darkthrone’s alleged ties to neo-Nazism, what we have here is ‘anti-racist’ agitators calling every black metal band ‘racist’ because they are composed of White people.

If a White band makes music about European history, it’s obviously racism.

But if a White band were to make music about African or Asian history, it would be cultural appropriation so also racism.

Anti-racism = Anti-White.

I wonder what would happen if all these bands that have been slandered as ‘racist’ or ‘Nazi’ would collectively stop giving a fuck.

But seriously, Gorgoroth is, alongside Dark Funeral and Watain, the cancer of black metal. Even Dimmu Borgir isn’t as poserish and derivative.


4 thoughts on “Is Gorgoroth a Nazi Band?

    • Black Metal says:

      I assumed he was half-goat. Shaved, he might pass as Gollum. He is certainly one of the ugliest people I have ever seen. In a sane society, he and his parents would have been sterilized upon his birth, and this unpleasantness would never have happened.

      I will guess he is a Melungeon. It is my go to ethnicity to explain aberrant genetics in Scandinavia.


  1. Éric Durant says:

    The holy trinity will be crushed
    By the sword of the Dark Lord… of this world
    We are possessed by the moon
    We are possessed by evil
    We are possessed by Satan
    Possessed by Satan
    Never ending blasphemy…
    Kill and burn the jew

    – Possessed (By Satan), Gorgoroth
    on the album Antichrist


  2. Black Metal Elitist says:

    Gaahl sais there should be no leaders and no followers. What a coincidence that Nazism is based around the sme filosophy. Not!
    Gorgoroth is clearly not Nazi.

    Varg Vikernes is separatist not a racist. He thinks that races should keep to themselves. He does not think that one race should go and destroy another.


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