Is black metal racist?

Is Black Metal Racist?

Is black metal racist?

Is black metal racist?

Is all black metal music either racist and/or neo-Nazi?

That’s certainly what some people claim, whether on – see the pretty controversial Is X band racist reviews, all written by the same user – or on various allegedly ‘anti-hate’ blogs.

One particularly moronic individual recently wrote a ‘guide’ to avoiding ‘nazi’ black metal bands.

The author is absolutely certain that all black metal musicians are neo-Nazi skinheads. Are they?

Varg Vikernes, of the black metal band Burzum.

Varg Vikernes, of the black metal band Burzum.

Well, it’s pretty common knowledge that none of the founders of Norwegian black metal – Nocturno Culto, Varg Vikernes, Fenriz, Euronymous, Hellhammer – were all that politically correct… in fact, they were pretty open about their racism, their nationalism and their opposition to all manifestations of multiculturalism, whether the Christian or secular variant.

But that’s not the REASON why these bands are called racist by the ‘usual suspects’ (a certain tribe from Occupied Palestine), that’s just the EXCUSE.

Of course Hellhammer made derogatory and vulgar comments about black people, Fenriz is a ‘neo-Nazi’ because of the rather clumsy ‘Norsk Arisk’ thing and Varg Vikernes is a ‘xenophobe’, whatever that means these days. And most of them did probably pose in SS uniforms or with ‘Nazi’ armbands – like Hellhammer and Mortiis – and Shaggrath’s comment about slitting the throat of blacks was, to be honest, a bit extreme.

But those are just the excuses used to smears these bands, and black metal as a whole, as racist, hateful, bigoted, etc.

The REASON why black metal bands are attacked has nothing to do with anything they said and everything to do with what they are, i.e. White Europeans.

Fenriz, drinking the Trayvon Martini.

Fenriz, drinking the Trayvon Martini.

The (jewish) author of the ‘anti-racist’ black metal ‘guide’ makes that much very clear.

There are many options if you want to avoid nazi [sic] bands. The first is to boycott all bands that are from Europe or any other white country such as the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand […]

In other words, all white people are racist.

So by that logic, to be ‘anti-racist’ is to be anti-White.

The author even hints at threats of violence against (white) black metal fans.

If you wanna listen to BM and know you’re supporting bands who would knock the teeth out of a racist with a hammer, BC and bands in their collective are a good bet. They sing about their Coloured heritage and the historical suffering of their people at the hands of racist white dudes.

Violence is only bad when not directed at those white trash nazi Marduk fans.

'Nazi' Mayhem, how shocking!

‘Nazi’ Mayhem, how shocking!

As no less than the aforementioned Varg Vikernes famously said, anti-whiteness is not ‘like’ a religion – it IS a religion. It is not a rational assessment of social reality, it is a superstitious cluster of emotions, responses to social stimuli and ideological posturing.

Vikernes’ internet frenemy, NPI’s Richard Spencer, in a famous speech titled ‘Why They Hate Us‘, pointed out how many White people’s ideas about ‘racism’ are not just irrational and anti-factual, but deeply held beliefs, tied with emotions of shame and guilt, with a decidedly religious character – very similar to Victorian notions of sexuality and inherently evil.

Anti-Whiteness has just replaced Christianity as the official Western religion.

The concept of Original Sin has been replaced by ‘white privilege’.

Satan has been dethroned by Hitler and Jesus/God just became Martin Luther King/Anne Frank.

'So sorry for playing black metal'.

‘So sorry for playing black metal’.

And in the same way Christians and other religious crazies call anyone who doesn’t abide by their religion a ‘heretic’, these anti-Whites call any (White) person who doesn’t play along to the tune of Diversity™ a ‘racist’.

There exists an unusual Christian group in the United States that likes to wear chains around their necks and wear t-shirts with slogans “so sorry for slavery” and the like. Well, I say “group”, I mean there is one guy, his young children, and occasionally a few extras. They wear chains and bondage props and perform public exhibitionism to “atone” for Whites putting Black people into slavery. Their public appearance with their necks all chained together is supposed to “remind us of the horrors of slavery” but it’s completely unhistorical and has absolutely nothing to do at all with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade nor African slavery in North America.


This is not the behavior of normal, well adjusted people.

These are religious nuts, not different from the ‘Army of God’ terrorist organization or the Westboro Baptist Church.

Unfortunately, Europeans don’t seem to care that much about their religions – whether the secular anti-racist or the Christian anti-racist variety – given how popular these ‘Nazi’ black metal bands are… and how intellectually shallow, morally unappealing and hysterically desperate their proselytism is getting.

Do they really expect to see Varg Vikernes put chains around his neck and go hiking around in rural France with a shirt that says ‘So sorry for slavery, black metal and killing Euronymous‘?

How dumb do these anti-racists have to be?


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